Northern New Jersey

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Mid-Atlantic Regional Picnic

Mid-Atlantic Regional Picnic

Northern New Jersey
Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 11:00am to Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 5:00pm
Hopewell, NJ
New Jersey

Mid-Atlantic Regional Picnic – September 14, 2019

                              By Valerie Cristiano


          The Mid-Atlantic Regional Picnic was once again held at Falkenhorst, the country estate of John and Marina Bleimaier, and was co-hosted by the Northern New Jersey and the South Jersey Sections. We were fortunate to have members from DelVal, NEPA, NNJS, and SJS in attendance. It was a picture-perfect day, the cloud cover kept the temperature delightful and the little bursts of sun and the quick rise in temperature made us glad for the clouds.

          Thanks to the “early bird worker bees” the tents were set up – Tom Elder, Don DeRosa, Ralph Esposito, Terry Connor, Ernie Schirmer, Carl Janson; the music was ready to go – Dave Hall; and registration station– Valerie Cristiano; tables – John and Marina Bleimaier; coffee, bagels, and donuts – Lucille Chabala and Julie Ann Morrison; we were set for the arrival of our guests.

          As the members and guests arrived, they were given their window sign for the popular vote and their vote pack. After parking their vehicle in the designated area, they proceeded up to the house to drop off their shared food item and for some, their “Silent Auction” donation. Some of the “Silent Auction” items this year included a beautiful Oriental silk with a very interesting history, Mercedes Benz prints, Mercedes Benz hats, a remote controlled helicopter, hot/cold travel mug, Mercedes Benz books, a bottle of Crown Royal, and other items (sorry, but I can’t remember all of them).

          We enjoyed good food, good conversation, and plenty of time looking over the beautiful Starships that were on display. The center of attention was the magnificent 1953 black 300 S and the other one that garnered a great deal of attention was the 2005 Sprinter camper – which we even had the opportunity to enter and look around!

          Thanks to all who attended and especially to Don DeRosa and Ralph Esposito for cooking up the delicious hot dogs and hamburgers and to Lucille Chabala and Julie Ann Morrison for serving them Thanks to Pat Mignon, Loni Spingarn, Lucille, and Julie Ann for clearing up the food and setting out the desserts. George and Mary Terry did a wonderful job of counting the Popular Votes. Once again, Dave Hall did a fabulous job on providing the music for our listening pleasure. Loni Spingarn, Queen of the 50/50, continued to do her magic – her helper this year was Zane, who pulled the winning ticket for Dave Hall. Thanks also go to SJS for providing the water, soda, coffee, bagels, and donuts and to NNJS for providing the hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, paper products, and silverware for our dining pleasure.


          The prizes were of an automotive car theme and the winners were able to choose the one that they wanted from the following: ArmorAll Air Freshening Protectant Wipes;  ArmorAll Original Protectant; ArmorAll Leather Care; Turtle Wax – Wax &n Dry Spray Wax; Turtle Wax Bug &nTar Remover; and Black Magic Bleche Whit Tire Cleaner.

and the winners are:

New Sedan – 2014 to present

1st      Don Boop                        2015 CLS 400

2nd     George &n Mary Terry    2018 GLE 43

3rd      Carl Janson                      2016  GLE 300d

New Sport – 2014 to present

1st      Omar & Janet Montague  2014 E350 cab

2nd     Frank Donnangelo           2018 CLA 250 4matic

Modern Sedan 2004 – 2013

1st      Cynthia Gilbert                2008 E350

2nd     Dave Hall                        2012 E350

2nd     Joe Grattan                      2011 E550

2nd     Loni Spingarn                  2005 E500 wagon

3rd      Bob Fini                          2005 Sprinter camper

3rd      Homer & Gigi Mosley     2013  E300 4matic

4th      Christine Fini                   2007 E350 wagon

Modern Sport 2004 – 2013

1st      Bart & Janet Campion     2008 CLK350

Old Sedan 1994 – 2003

1st      Pat Mignon                      1995  E300d

Old Sport 1994 – 2003

1st      Tom Elder                       2000 SL500

2nd     Roger Egolf                     2003 SL500


Vintage pre 1994

1st      Wil DeGroot                    1953 300S

2nd     Ross Wilson                    1985 300TD

3rd      Howard Pulaski               1988 190e

4th      John Gibson                    1987 10d 2.5 turbo