Northern New Jersey

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Diamond Jubilee Gala and the 53rd Annual NNJS June Jamboree

Diamond Jubilee Gala and the 53rd Annual NNJS June Jamboree

Northern New Jersey
Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 5:30pm
Florham Park
New Jersey

The weekend was truly a Star-studded event beginning on Friday evening with a fabulous 60th Anniversary Gala at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park, NJ. The evening began with a cocktail reception with delicious hot and cold hors d’oeuvres served butler style. This was followed by presentations by Marcel Schuh from Daimler in Stuttgart; Terry Kiwala, MBCA President; Constantin Von Kageneck from the Classic Center; Matt Huda, NNJS President; as well as a short, but fascinating video presentation from Germany. Afterward, we adjourned to the main dining room for a scrumptious dinner followed by a delightfully delicious 60th Anniversary Cake to finish out the evening.

53rd Annual NNJS June Jamboree

The weather could not have been any better than it was on Saturday, June 25, 2016, for the 53rd Annual NNJS June Jamboree “the longest running MBCA event”. As the Stars began their ascent up the drive to the portico in order to sign in – the NNJS June Jamboree was under way once again. Participants were greeted and handed a club flag for their window before heading for their assigned parking spot.

Pete Lesler, the Head Judge, called for all those members who volunteered to judge to meet on the patio and went over the rules for judging. He then assigned the judges to their judging category and classes. After the meeting, the judges headed out with gusto to the Concours field with their colored dots and clipboards and began their task.

While the rest of the judges were hard at work, Jay Hirsch and Jan VanderBaan were going over the 14 cars that had been signed up for the Silver Star Preservation Award. “The purpose of the Silver Star Preservation class is to encourage you to share your car with the rest of us. A well-loved and driven over twenty-five-year-old Mercedes-Benz should not be denied participation in MBCA events nor should it be denied recognition for being there. It may just serve another member as a guide for a restoration project of a similar car.”

Attendees were given a packet of Popular Vote cards upon registration, and they strolled through the lower lots in order to vote for their favorite car in each of the colored coded Popular Vote categories. They also had the opportunity to view the Concours cars but were not able to vote on those since they were being judged. There were two vehicles just on display for our viewing pleasure Richard Rose’s magnificent 300 SL and Paul LaPenta’s 2016 G63. In addition to the fabulous Mercedes Benzes, there was another category entitled – My Other Car. This year Tom Manziotti brought his 1970 Landrover Series A for our viewing pleasure.

We also had a “First” this year with our Junior Judges under the guidance of Larry Taylor – four of our younger set selected several vehicles to judge on the following categories: electrical, design, interior, exterior, and engine. After they had completed their judging, they determined a winner and presented a trophy to Carl Badenhausen’s 1954 300 S. Thanks to our Junior Judges for doing such a fine job. Well done: Robert Taylor; Amelia Snyder; Paul Silva; and Kristina Rybak.

This was a Jamboree for the numbers – 3 countries (Germany, Canada, and the United States); 2 continents (Europe and North America); 13 sections (Northern New Jersey; South Jersey; Chicagoland; Memphis; Greater Washington; Northeast Pennsylvania; Keystone; Southwest Florida; Western Reserve; Pikes Peak; New York City – Long Island; Maine; and Ontario;) 2 Regional Directors (Joe Grattan; Jim Roberts); 4 section presidents (Mike Ziegler; Larry Taylor; Oliver Seligman; Matt Huda); 7 National Board Members (Terry Kiwala; Cliff Reyle; Bill Hopper; Jan van der Baan; Josie Lesler; Frank Cozza; Pete Lesler); 2 NBO members (Cindy Tumbleson; Mike Regennitter); 1 Daimler representative (Marcel Schuh); 1editor Gary Anderson); 1 Classic Center marketing specialist (Constantin VonKageneck); 28 Concours Stars; 31 Popular Vote Stars; and over 120 attendees.

Thanks to all who helped to make the Diamond Jubilee Gala and the 53rd Annual NNJS June Jamboree such a super success – we couldn’t have done it without you. Our registrars – Lucille Chabala and Valerie Cristiano; NNJS President – Matt Huda; our judges: Pete Lesler – head judge, Jan van der Bann, Jay Hirsch, Richard Rose, Lou Palumbo, Ed Jahn, Alan Snyder, Terry Kiwala, Tim Harrington, Oliver Seligman, Jaime Kopchinski, Ken Spingarn, Doug Lansing, Jan Boop, Cliff Reyle, Mitch Tanner, Paul la Penta, Linda van der Baan, Jim Roberts, Bill Hopper, Tom Elder, Mike Regennitter, Nick Starace, and Frank Cozza. Score sheet runners – Amelia Snyder and Kristina Rybak; Diamler; NBO; Loni Spingarn, 50/50 organizer; and most of all – everyone who attended this very special event – you, all of our fabulous MBCA members, are the reason that this is “the longest running MBCA event” hosted by NNJS – where it all began back in 1956 with Dr. Milton Allen’s incredible vision.