Northern New Jersey

Carolinas Section

The 51st June Jamboree - 2014

The 51st June Jamboree - 2014

Northern New Jersey
Saturday, June 7, 2014 - 10:00am
New Jersey

The 51st June Jamboree, held on 7 June 2014 was an absolutely perfect day, the sun was shining through a perfectly clear blue sky making the majestic paints on our members’ cars shimmer as they rolled through the gates of MBUSA for registration and for pictures to be taken before proceeding to its assigned spot. As entrants put the final touches on their vehicles the gleeful chatter of compliments and mild competition between participants could be heard.

We had members from far and near sections in attendance as well as some national board members and officers. National President, Terry Kiwala; Vice-President, Laura Simonds; Treasurer, Bill Denton; DAL; Josie Lesler; RD Mid-Atlantic, Joe Grattan; RD Eastern; Bill Hopper; RD Central, Cliff Reyle. Sections represented this year include: Hudson-Mohawk; Northern New England Star; Conn-Westchester; Keystone; NEPA; NYC & LI; DelVal; South Jersey; GWS; San Franscisco Bay; Chicagoland; Memphis; Western Reserve; and of course, NNJS. (Our apologies if we forgot to mention your section)

As participants happily cleaned, our DJ, Lisa, played some classic tunes to set the mood, while the Sonax representative began working to transform a daily driver with 112,000 miles on it into the diamond it truly is. Paul La Penta and his colleagues at MBUSA carefully prepared and set up a stunning display of AMG and future cars for us to enjoy; the June Jamboree had begun!

Thanks to Anka Simon at MBUSA and our supportive dealers; Globe Motors, MB of Freehold, Prestige Motors, MB of Princeton & InterCar in providing a superb offering of door prizes and items for our silent auction.

Thanks to all of those members who arrived very early in the morning in order to set up and have things in place when the majority of the participants arrived.

A special Thank you to the following: Linda Smith & Murray Kane for directing traffic/parking; Trudy Frei & Marina Pushkareva for so ably running the silent auction; Akemi Kane and Pat Jansen for helping with the wristbands and the lunch line; Lucille Chabala and Valerie Cristiano for being in charge of registration; Sean & Kristin Connor for taking the photos of the cars; Carl Schwartz, Jay Hirsch and Allen Gold for taking photos of the event (all these pictures can be seen on our Facebook page.

John Blemaier for setting up the trophies; Loni Spingarn for once again running the 50/50; and to our score tabulators Josie Lesler, Laura Simonds, Valerie Cristiano, Pete Lesler, and Terry Kiwala.

Thank you also to Lindasy Munson and her team at MBUSA, the workers in the cafeteria, the maintenance staff, the security team, and the company store workers – for helping to make this another spectacular event!

Also, to everyone who judged, assisted with lunch, the store, parking and every other important no matter how small of a detail that needed to get done. It was truly a team effort and we graciously thank each of you for your help!

We have already begun working on June Jamboree 2015! Mark your calendars for 6 June 2015 for the 52nd Annual NNJS June Jamboree, the longest running event in the history of MBCA! We also wish to thank our judges who are listed on page two. Winners of both the Popular and Concours votes are listed on pages ten & eleven of the latest issue.

Matt Huda & Valerie Cristiano